Elisha Gath-Ghazaani
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Elisha Gath-Ghazaani

HR & Operations Officer


​After finishing my Masters in Organisational Psychology, I initially joined the Financial Crime team as a Researcher, where my focus is building long-lasting relationships with candidates to find them the best fitting job. I have now transitioned into an internal HR & Operations role alongside studying Level5 CIPD which MERJE kindly sponsored. You'll find me working on projects regarding employee satisfaction and well-being, inclusion, training, marketing and more!

Moving from up North to London means lots of exploring the city, getting used to busy tubes and finding the best places to eat.


After meeting the team at MERJE, my immediate gut feeling was this is the place for me. Gaining experience from industry experts with many years of recruitment expertise is very enjoyable, not to mention the supportive nature and flexible working that MERJE provides. As a recent graduate, it is great to be surrounded by such knowledgeable, friendly individuals who truly care about my profession and personal development.

Loves & Loathes

I'm an avid animal lover, and I also love going out for food, singing, hot weather, and beaches.

I loathe spiders, gory films and slow walkers.

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