Jonathan is a co-founder of MERJE and responsible for the implementation and execution of its overarching business strategy, goals and ambitious growth plan. He also takes pride in placing senior finance professionals across the Property sector.


Jonathan is a husband and father to four kids (not to mention two dogs). He is a passionate and vocal supporter of Manchester City. His other interests include attending the gym (but going easy on the exercise), holidays and eating out.




My proudest achievement is seeing where MERJE has got to since we incorporated the business in 2011. We have expanded from two brothers and a friend working out of small, dingy offices to building our own purpose-built headquarters, employing 40 plus staff members and achieving an annual turnover in excess of £10m.


Jonathan loves family, Food, Holidays, Man City & Golf (only since lockdown!:              Jonathan loathes Gin, personal training, diets, tomato ketchup

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