Lisa Kamotho
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Lisa Kamotho

Consultant - Risk ManagementSpecialising in Risk Management


About Me:

After completing my undergraduate degree in Business Psychology at the University of Sussex, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in recruitment. I value the continuous professional and personal growth recruitment offers as well as being a people-centric role - I mean, who doesn't love connecting and building relationships with different people every day?

At MERJE, I cover Risk Management, so risk analysis, risk frameworks, risk strategy, risk policy, and everything else under the risk umbrella! This includes enterprise risk, financial risk, organisational risk, liquidity risk, etc. mainly within financial services but across other sectors too.


Moving away from Kenya to London was definitely a daunting experience but after meeting the team at MERJE, I instantly knew that I would feel at home. The opportunity to be part of such a welcoming environment as well as have the right support to develop my skills and progress in my career stood and continues to stand out to me every day 🙂

Loves & Loathes:

💗 I love travel, safari, being at the beach, family, and sushi!

💔 I loathe cheese, being on the tube at rush hour, and bad weather.

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Assistant Manager - Risk Advisory

An exciting opportunity to join a financial services team at a leading consulting firm in London as an Assistant Manager within their governance and regulatory practise. You'll have the chance to w...

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