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Article Headers Merje (68)
​How to hire your C-suite team

Five top tips from experienced c-suite recruitment expert and MERJE co-founder Ed Manson to help you attract and secure the best senior hires for your business.Finding the right executive professio...

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What is Executive Search?

​What is Executive Search?Executive Search is used to identify talent for senior roles that are critical to business operations. The process is highly specialised in order to find and attract senio...

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Executive Search: The pros and cons

​An Executive Search service can be a great way to identify and attract those hard-to-find, senior professionals who are critical to business operations. Finding an individual with the perfect com...

Article Headers Merje (37)
Recruiting in Germany? Speak to Jimmy!

​We’re pleased to announce that we’re expanding our focus to include Europe in our repertoire of recruitment services! Over the past 10 years, MERJE has grown to a team of over 40 recruitment exper...

Roadmap To Recruitment Recovery
MERJE’s Roadmap to Recruitment Recovery: What your business needs to do next

​We all recognise and understand that the past 12 months haven't been easy for businesses, bringing with them unprecedented challenges and obstacles. However, as new Government Covid-19 guidelines ...

Ned Article
Why you should consider taking on a NED role

​We’re increasingly recruiting and transitioning top professionals and senior business leaders into non-executive director's (NED) roles. Many of them feedback to us that it’s one of the best decis...

H And Shake
Improving the candidate experience - how recruiters can help

With the current challenges facing the jobs market, companies are increasingly shifting to a direct hiring model, which can result in a very different candidate journey and experience when compared...

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Contractors: Why hiring an interim might be the best solution in the current climate

​Although a permanent workforce provides the necessary stability to enable a business to perform consistently, dismissing the merits of hiring contractors and interim professionals will hinder comp...

The benefits of an Executive Search service… without an Executive Search cost

Many organisations traditionally use Executive Search firms for senior assignments. However, working with an Executive Search firm has a high cost attached to it, especially when factoring the init...