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Roadmap To Recruitment Recovery
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MERJE’s Roadmap to Recruitment Recovery: What your business needs to do next

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago
  • Author:by Paul Sherlock

​We all recognise and understand that the past 12 months haven't been easy for businesses, bringing with them unprecedented challenges and obstacles. 

However, as new Government Covid-19 guidelines roll out and lockdown restrictions look set to ease throughout 2021, it’s time for businesses to look ahead and put in place robust strategies so that they can emerge from the pandemic in a strong position and with the necessary plans to achieve future success.

Since we reluctantly boarded this rollercoaster in early 2020, companies of all sizes will have faced a multitude of challenges:

Tighter budgets

Unexpected costs, significant downturn in business activity and many other issues have led to more stringent budgets this year. Spending strategies will be under careful watch as business leaders have a renewed appreciation for being prepared for the unexpected.

Downsizing of internal recruitment teams

Difficult decisions have been made in recent months with regards to redundancies and restructuring strategies, across all areas of business. For HR & recruitment matters, this means less manpower for forecasting, managing and fulfilling organisations’ recruitment requirements, with these duties now potentially falling on one sole person or hiring managers themselves.

An unexpected increase in demand

A lot of businesses panicked in 2020 about a drop in commercial activity as Lockdown One presented so much uncertainty and the furlough scheme, then an unknown entity, was introduced. However, many organisations and business areas, such as online retail and food delivery, will have seen a boom in demand as consumers adjusted to a new indoor routine.

The credit and collections industries have also seen a big increase in demand as individuals and businesses searched for ways to manage the complex financial situations that have been imposed upon so many in the past 12 months. For all companies, these changes will have been sudden and not everyone will have had the contingency plans or resources needed to manage.

Changes to recruitment needs

With all the sudden changes in business activity and the new-found uncertainty for the future, existing hiring plans will have been put on hold or scrapped altogether.

Covid-19 health and safety requirements  

With each wave of the pandemic came new and unfamiliar health and safety requirements that affected not just our personal lives but businesses’ day-to-day operations as well. Social distancing, increased sanitation measures and vital support needed for employee wellbeing have all affected companies on many levels, from the costs of setting up a full workforce to work from home to the realistic ability to install safety precautions in workplaces.

So, what’s next?

Companies need to get back on track, putting plans in place to facilitate the return to “normal” working life and re-instating future business strategies and goals.

  • Spending strategies need to be carefully reviewed to ensure resources are invested wisely and contingency plans are in place should anything like this happen again on any scale.

  • Commercial activity needs to be analysed and future scenarios forecasted so that business leaders can implement new, realistic and considered strategies, processes and business goals

  • Workforce capabilities need to be reviewed to build an understanding of which areas have immediate and long-term needs for more or less manpower

  • As recruitment strategies alter and adapt to the new working landscape, businesses will need to react appropriately and accommodate more flexible ways of working in order to attract the best talent

  • It’s vital to implement and adhere to all health and safety requirements, as well as being open to long-term changes in workplace life and personal preferences, such as social distancing measures, face masks and hand sanitiser

  • The unprecedented challenges of the past year have thrown a spotlight on the importance of employee wellbeing and mental health, and management and leaders need to continue considering these issues long into the future of their businesses

Bearing all of this in mind, how can MERJE assist in your recovery and get you back on track to a successful commercial future?

Adaptable approach 

We will devise a bespoke approach to hiring, which best suits your business’s requirements, while bearing in mind the latest Government guidelines and information so that we keep your best interests at heart. 

Permanent and interim professionals

You’ll have access to our considerable talent pool of both permanent and interim professionals, all of whom will be carefully matched to meet your exact business requirements at a time when team sizes may be fluctuating and subject to change.

Interview and assessment centre services

We are able to conduct assessment days on your behalf. However, in the absence of physical interviews, we have the tools and technology in place to conduct virtual interviews to deliver the professionals you need at any given time.

Highly consultative service

We have a host of expert consultants across our specialist disciplines who will work collaboratively with you across every stage of the recruitment process, from salary benchmarking to offer management. They are always on hand to help and advise, whenever you need it.

Expert industry advice

We boast a wealth of knowledge and resources on the new working world which we’re happy to share with you. This includes information around your industry’s latest developments and insights, the new health and safety measures required from your work facilities, right down to how best to keep your workforce productive and motivated.

Our results are both proven and guaranteed:

The backbone of MERJE is our thriving teams of talented and capable individuals across our core disciplines:

Actuarial, Compliance, Customer Contact & Front-Line Talent, Finance & Audit, Financial Crime & Fraud, Legal, Insurance & Claims, Procurement, Risk Management & Analytics.

We invest in straightforward, time-saving recruitment processes which connect leading organisations with top talent.

52% of our 2020 placements were leadership appointments.

Devising clear, achievable recruitment strategies is at the heart of what we do.

We pride ourselves on building a connected network of longstanding, reliable partnerships so that we can support your long-term business strategies, not just the here and now.

62% of our 2020 business activity came from long-term partnerships.

If you’d like to talk about your route to recovery while pursuing a post-pandemic approach to doing business, please contact our expert team: