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Executive Search: The pros and cons

​An Executive Search service can be a great way to identify and attract those hard-to-find, senior professionals who are critical to business operations.

Finding an individual with the perfect combination of relevant experience, niche skillset, cultural alignment, seniority, and during a career window when they’re ready to take on a new challenge requires an advanced level of dedicated recruitment efforts.

But along with the enhanced hiring strategies of an Executive Search service comes drawbacks too, for example:

  • Higher costs

  • Upfront fees without the guarantee of delivery

  • Longer timescales

  • Rigid fee and process structures which don’t suit every business

  • Generalist agencies who don’t know the industry well

  • Less commitment to delivery of results if it isn’t a long-term partnership

How does MERJE’s Executive Talent solution compare?


We provide the best results of an Executive Search process for fees that are truly reflective of not only the service we provide, but our desire to work with your organisation on a long-term basis.

On top of that, our fee structure, payment plans and recruitment methods are completely adaptable to suit your business. After all, a fintech start up operates very differently to a long-established banking institution, so why would we force the same solution on everyone?

No Fuss

Every organisation needs critical hires to fit quickly and seamlessly in with its activity plans and schedule and the long, drawn-out processes that come along with typical Executive Search services can be a hurdle to that.

Our Executive Talent solution provides you with the information, data, insights and intel you really need in order to make the right hire, without adding on all those unnecessary, time consuming bells and whistles.


As with all MERJE’s recruitment solutions, if we don’t have the knowledge of a certain business area, we won’t take on a vacancy that falls into it. Our business model, reputation and record of success are built on us being true experts in our specialisms, which enables us to consistently deliver great results and add true value for our clients.

We’re not a generalist agency, so trying our hand at something outside of our expertise would be a waste of both our time and yours, and nobody wants that!

Not a one-off

One of the biggest selling points of MERJE Executive Talent is the fact that we can deliver it alongside the rest of our recruitment solutions. This means our partnership can reach extra levels of commitment as we continue to support your mid-senior hiring strategies at the same time as identifying those critical senior individuals who will be leading the teams we’re helping you to grow.

Ultimately, we’re not here to fill one talent gap and then move on. We’re in it to help your organisation achieve its long-term goals, and helping you to hire the right people at every level of your business is key to that.

Give us a call

So, whether you’re looking for a CRO, CEO, COO, CFO or another C-suite appointment, try something even better than traditional Executive Search and get in touch with Edward Manson to discuss our Executive Talent solution, or read more here.