Ed built out and went on to manage the MERJE London office since its inception, alongside supporting Financial Services clients in the recruitment of key Compliance and Risk Management hires. He adds strategic direction to the business, mainly through blood, sweat and tears, rather than anything too creative or inspirational!

Ed can often be found driving himself mad about the minor details but it’s all for the love of MERJE and ensuring that the business does the best job possible for its candidates and clients.

Outside of work Ed lives an even more stressful existence managing three high energy kids, which is slightly balanced out by a weekly game of football with pals, enjoying some of the many quality restaurants London has to offer and ensuring a holiday is on the horizon!


It’s all about the people in any business and I really believe that the DNA of our employees is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Not only are they technically credible and committed to managing things in the right way, but they’re also great personalities who want to work in a collaborative way to achieve the same goals.

The culture is critical and it’s not always easy to get the balance right but I’ve always described us as being credible when we need to be, but not taking ourselves too seriously behind the scenes. We want MERJE to be a nice place to work first and foremost, where people are respected, but also provided with the right platform to develop their recruitment careers further. It doesn’t take much to treat people nicely and we believe that this has been the catalyst to our continued successful evolution.

Ed loves great food, holidays and laughing uncontrollably.

Ed loathes slow walkers, bad manners, poor grammar and period dramas.