Kirstie, who has more than 20 years’ worth of recruitment experience, heads up the MERJE Compliance and Financial Crime team in London. She is also responsible for the delivery of successful recruitment campaigns, focusing on the Retail Banking and Financial Services sectors. With a background in management development and training, Kirstie has always enjoyed the relationship building side to the job, whether that is meeting new contacts, networking at any event (particularly if there is a nice cocktail involved) or ensuring that existing relationships are kept strong. 

Kirstie always has lots of well-laid plans to attend her gym class. However, her appreciation of a crisp white wine means that she is more likely to be found socialising (or networking!) in a city establishment. With three sons at home, she justifies the time out of the house as she can often be found running around the park at the weekends with her children.


MERJE is just an unbelievable company to work for. You are surrounded by expert professionals who are very genuine, human and really interesting people. MERJE prides itself on its success, the confidence we have in our people and allowing everyone to be the individuals they are. It is a truly entrepreneurial culture where everyone’s opinion counts, plus we have the most amazing social agenda!

Kirstie loves her family, shopping, meeting friends and laughing.

Kirstie loathes noisy eaters and rubbish banter.