My career started in sales, working for a Manchester based business selling boiling water taps shortly after achieving a degree in Criminology & Psychology from Leeds Metropolitan University. I started in recruitment in 2016 and since have worked in several markets including Supply Chain & Procurement, Passenger Transport Operations and now Credit Risk & Analytics! I will be joining an already very successful team at MERJE, working alongside Ellie and Nuhaa across Financial Services, Banking, Utilities and many more industries to pair analytical experts with brilliant businesses of all shapes and sizes.


I decided to join MERJE as it is clear that it's a business that will help me push on and develop into a top level consultant. Oh… and it’s a 4 minute commute from my home to the office.

I have so far found that the environment and culture empowers consultants to feel trusted and truly part of an extended family.


David loves his Family, football and coffee… in that order.

David loathes cold showers and bad weather (which makes living in Manchester rather difficult).