Conor O'Hanlon
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Conor O'Hanlon

Resourcer - Compliance & RiskSpecialising in Compliance, Risk Management & Analytics

​Conor graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in History & Politics before embarking on a sales and marketing career in cybersecurity. He returned to our business after getting a taste for MERJE life back in 2019 when he completed a marketing internship with us. He's now putting his skills and knowledge to fantastic use, assisting our Risk and Compliance teams in recruiting for leading industry professionals within Financial Services, Banking and more.

In his spare time, Conor can be found on the tennis court (Manchester weather permitting!), a sport which he has been coaching for almost eight years now. He's also a big football and music fan, as well as being an avid traveller. Following his graduation, he travelled the world solo, taking himself to exotic destinations such as India, Vietnam and, his favourite, Bali. He is itching to get back out there and plans to see more of Australia and get down to South America when he can.


The environment, culture and people made an impression on me last time I worked at MERJE and now I’m back I’m loving the opportunity to chat with candidates and help them achieve their dream careers. It can be a rollercoaster ride but I’m enjoying being back in the office and love the sense of achievement the role brings.

Loves & Loathes

Conor loves music, travelling and seeking new experiences. He's also partial to the occasional beer.

Conor loathes 5am, 6am, 7am... We can see a trend here!

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