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Emerging job titles in Data & Analytics

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 month ago
  • Author:by Tom Cook
Let's take a look at popular Data & Analytics job titles right now, their associated salary ranges and top locations around the UK

In recent years, the part that data and analytics has to play in the world of business has grown significantly, leading to the emergence and growth of a host of important roles.

These new and increasingly popular job options include a focus on collecting and storing data, those that analyse and interpret data, and those that use data to inform decision making and drive business strategy.

If you're figuring out what data or analytics career path to follow, or deciding which roles you should be hiring in your team, we've rounded up the most prevalent new and in demand functions and roles within data and analytics…

🔶 Data Modeller 🔶

Salary Range: £45,600 - £75,000

Average Salary: £55,000

Top Locations: London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester

A data modeller is a system analyst and engineer who designs computer databases and data models used to turn complex organisational data into usable computer systems that are easy to understand.

They use relational, dimensional and NoSQL databases to manage the flow of information between departments in an organisation. This enables firms to keep a handle on budgets, while helping people to better understand and use data to make sensible commercial decisions.

🔷 AI Engineer 🔷

Salary Range: £40,500 - £127,500

Average Salary: £82,500

Top Locations: London, Edinburgh, Manchester

As AI rapidly gains momentum, these engineers build systems that can have the ability to think and learn like humans.

They might work on projects that involve creating robots that can work alongside people, developing computer programs that understand and respond to human language or cultivating systems which analyse large amounts of data and make subsequent predictions or recommendations.

AI engineers use their skills in computer science, mathematics and engineering to build and test these systems and to make sure that they are accurate and efficient. They also work closely with other professionals, such as data scientists and software engineers, to bring these AI projects to fruition.

🔶 Data Engineer 🔶

Salary Range: £42,500 - £80,000

Average Salary: £55,000

Top Locations: London, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh

A data engineer collects, stores and organises large amounts of data. They work with a variety of data sources, including structured and unstructured data, and use a range of tools and technologies to store and manage the information.

Data engineers may be involved in tasks such as designing and implementing data pipelines, building and maintaining data warehouses and integrating data from different sources. They may also be responsible for ensuring that data is accurate, secure and available to those who need it.

Data engineers play a critical role in helping organisations to make use of their data and they are often regarded as the foundation upon which data-driven projects and initiatives are built.

🔷 Data Architect 🔷

Salary Range: £58,800 - £90,000

Average Salary: £72,700

Top Locations: London, Leeds, Reading, Manchester, Edinburgh

Data architects design and build the technical infrastructure needed to support data and analytics projects within an organisation.

They work closely with data engineers, data scientists and other data professionals to understand the needs of the business and to create a data and analytics architecture that meets those needs. This may involve tasks such as implementing data pipelines, building and maintaining data warehouses and integrating data from different sources.

Data architects also play a key role in ensuring that data is secure, available and compliant with relevant regulations. They may also be responsible for developing and enforcing data governance policies and best practices within their organisation.

They are strategic leaders who help to shape the direction of a company’s data and analytics efforts and ensure that they are aligned with the overall business strategy.

🔶 ESG Data Analyst 🔶

Salary Range: £30,000 - £90,000

Average Salary: £60,000

Top Locations: London, Birmingham, Leeds

ESG data analysts are responsible for conducting research and analysis on a company’s exposure to various environmental, social and governance risks in order to support investment decision making. They do so by helping companies to comply with regulations and international agreements related to pressing environmental and social issues.

In short, ESG data and disclosure helps to demonstrate a company's clear commitment to ethical practices, employee well-being and social responsibility.

🔷 Risk Data Analyst 🔷

Salary Range: £29,000 - £59,000

Average Salary: £31,000

Top Locations: London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Birmingham

Risk data analysts are business experts who are responsible for determining the potential consequences of performing a business action. Their duties include reading and analysing financial data, creating visual models to represent possible outcomes and preparing reports about business decisions.

They also help companies and institutions reduce the liabilities associated with business decisions by analysing market conditions and financial data before providing educated advice. This type of work allows businesses to stay financially safe and profitable, particularly during times of economic hardship.

🔶 Machine Learning Engineer 🔶

Salary Range: £62,200 - £94,000

Average Salary: £75,000

Top Locations: London, Cambridge, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester

Machine learning engineers evaluate and validate the accuracy and effectiveness of machine learning models.

They work with data scientists and other professionals to develop and test machine learning models and to ensure that they are performing as expected. This may involve tasks such as selecting and preparing data for model training, testing models on different datasets and analysing the results of model evaluations.

Machine learning engineers are also responsible for identifying and addressing any issues or biases that may be present in the models and for recommending improvements or changes as needed.

These professionals play a critical role in ensuring the quality and reliability of machine learning systems and they are an important part of the process of building and deploying machine learning solutions in a variety of contexts.

Tom Cook is an expert in Data & Analytics recruitment. If you're looking for your next career step or hiring for your team, get in touch today.

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