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Andrew's 10-year anniversary

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author:by MERJE

It's time to celebrate another MERJE long-timer... Andrew Varty!

Andrew's ten years have seen him grow the Finance & Audit desk into a thriving team, concrete himself as a well-known, go-to expert in his industry, and take on many other roles in the business that he surely wasn't expecting when he started out - IT guy, systems manager, handyman to name a few.

He's a well-loved member of the team, especially as he can always be relied on to head to the pub when anyone offers, and his character and contributions have had a huge impact on making MERJE the business is it today.

Let's catch up with Andrew as he reflects on his 10 years.

How are you going to celebrate your 10 year MERJE anniversary?

Hopefully in the pub with a cold IPA. As it's 10 years I think I deserve 10! 😆

Who from MERJE would you have on your zombie apocalypse battle squad and why?

Close one between Andy Hodson and Ellie Sykes. Andy is definitely the biggest (and strongest) but I think Ellie would have something to say about that and, having commuted with her for years, she is definitely someone you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of!

Funniest MERJE moment

Again, a tough one to answer as there has been so many. The infamous t-shirt secret santa gift I received a few years ago and ending up in the bath in Menagerie are two that spring to mind.

Biggest lesson you’ve learned

Perseverance pays off, every day is completely different, and you have to ride the highs and lows. Always stick to your values and everything will work out fine.

You’re entering a pub quiz. What’s your specialist subject and who else would you pick for the team?

My specialist subject would have to be cars, and I definitely need Jonathan on the team... not for his football knowledge, - because he has the company credit card so can buy the beer! 🍻

Favourite MERJE social from your 10 years

They are always great and would do all of them again, but Barcelona will always be the stand-out one for me. No offence to Rudding Park but at my age nobody needs to see me half-naked in a spa.

Your biggest achievement at MERJE / something you’re most proud of?

So many things and I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! My team are great and I'm really proud of them all. Also the operational improvements I have been part of. Seeing where the business is now compared to 10 years ago. It's early days with some recent tech stack updates but maybe implementing Bullhorn will be my lasting legacy...

Earliest MERJE memory

Reuniting with Jonny, Rick, Eddie, Andy, Neil, and Ellie over lunch in January 2013 prior to signing on the dotted line. Having two young children at the time, it was a massive decision to leave the security of my role back then, but I have never looked back 🙌

Who do you think will top the MERJE leaderboard this year?

It's getting harder to predict every year and this year is probably the most open as there are so many rising stars in MERJE. Rick will always be up there but Clay, Jake and Kirstie will be ones to watch. Of course, I’m hoping it will be Gemma!

Be honest, who’s your favourite MD?

Jonny of course, having agreed to my free transfer at a previous organisation in 2003 he has always been my go-to MD. That said if I was going for a pint I’d say Ed. Sorry Rick, Love you too x

Happy 10 year MERJE anniversary, Varts! 🎉