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One year with MERJE

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago
  • Author:by MERJE

As H2 2022 gets underway - which we hope will be as successful as our dazzling H1 - we have a number of one-year work anniversaries to recognise.

Here, we catch up with Connor Partridge, Sam Anderson, Suzanne Copitch and Tom Cook to find out about their time with the business so far, what’s going on in their markets and, most importantly, their dream food choices.

First off, let’s find out a little bit more about each of our fabulous four…


Senior Consultant, Front-Line Talent

Connor’s recruitment journey began in 2015 as an apprentice, where he learned everything there is to know about the Customer Contact industry. He now adds his wealth of expertise to our Front-Line Talent team, working with contact centre and operations clients across many industries to accommodate Customer Service, Sales and Admin openings. He also assists with mid-level opportunities within call centre and office environments.


Resourcer, Financial Crime & Fraud

Sam secured a one-year internship at MERJE as part of his Business Studies degree. It went so well that he re-joined the team on a permanent basis and is building up his knowledge within the Financial Crime and Fraud sector, building a vast network of talented professionals and pairing them with their perfect next career step, whether that be a Fraud Analyst, Head of Financial Crime or MLRO.


Consultant, Analytics

Tom has worked across a mix of permanent and contract hires, covering DevOps and Infrastructure in the past. He joined MERJE as a Resourcer, bringing with him two years of highly technical recruitment expertise. His drive and commercial acumen has seen him already earn a promotion and he is now our first dedicated Consultant in the Analytics space. He spends his time searching for exceptional Data and Analytics focused talent across the worlds of Financial Services and Banking.


Support Assistant

Suzanne has enjoyed a varied career, including working for a Jewish charity, a construction business and a commercial mortgages firm. She has honed her sales and administration skills over the years, which are put to the test daily within our busy Support team, where she spends her time creating documentation, advertising job vacancies and generally supporting the seamless delivery of our recruitment services.

The Questions
What has your career pathway looked like so far?

Tom: My career route was a bit of a maze until I found recruitment. After getting my degree in Music, I worked in a range of roles, from Sales to Hospitality and Retail. I then joined a global recruitment firm as a trainee consultant. I learned the ropes there for a couple of years before moving to MERJE. My path into recruitment was unintentional, but now that I’m in the industry, I can see a long and (hopefully) successful career ahead of me.

Suzanne: I started as a secretary, then worked with my husband in our business selling mobile phone accessories. We built it up from scratch and regularly went to exhibitor shows. After that, I worked at a construction company until Covid struck. At that point, I joined MERJE.

How has your MERJE experience been so far and what are your thoughts about your time with the business?

Connor: Absolutely brilliant, the people have been great and very welcoming. I’ve been made to feel valued and recognised plus I’ve really enjoyed the autonomy and freedom you’re given, which is unlike most recruitment agencies.

The leadership team is fantastic and 100% leads by example. They inspire you to push yourself and do better each month. Also, a massive shout out to the Support team who have been superb since I joined, aiding with my day-to-day recruitment activities which has been a great help. Thanks for a great first year!

Sam: My MERJE journey started with an internship roughly around Covid hitting. Much the same as everyone, I got to experience a whole raft of challenges that wouldn’t normally occur. I’ve now been part of the MERJE family for over a year on a permanent basis and I’ve loved every minute of it and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

What do you like best about working at MERJE?

Sam: MERJE stick to their values, they take pride in the care of their employees by creating a really friendly and relaxed atmosphere where we are trusted to get the job done, all within a flexible working environment.

Suzanne: I enjoy working at MERJE, everyone is so lovely and friendly, it’s a great atmosphere and we have a laugh. Everything really, I really enjoy doing my job.

What are your key career takeaways?

Tom: Don’t be afraid to try new things and change direction if you feel you need to. Life is too short to be in a role you don’t enjoy, and the ideal career could be just a step or two away.

Sam: Surround yourself with the smartest people you can and learn big things from them. Understand that the hardest days will make you better at your job. Have fun and be ambitious.

What's the current state of play in your specialism?

Sam: The industry we serve - Financial Crime & Fraud - is experiencing what I have heard referred to as ‘The Great Resignation’, which is certainly driving the growth in some of the more niche roles becoming available, with perhaps fewer qualified candidates being available to fill them and higher salary expectations for those qualified candidates applying for available roles.

At a macroeconomic level, the ongoing legacy of Covid and the potential for a recession, generally results in the fraud and security sector experiencing a period of growth, as clients look to strengthen their capabilities to mitigate attempts to subsidise income and revenue by targeting financial institutions.

What advice can you give in response to this?

Sam: My advice to clients is to adopt a proactive approach, by working with specialist partners to identify risks, forecast requirements and acquire the skills/skilled resources needed to succeed through a challenging period.

What does a typical day at MERJE look like?

Suzanne: As soon as I get in, I check my emails, generate invoices and edit CVs. We’re often very busy and no two days look the same, which keeps things interesting.

What’s your most proud MERJE moment?

Tom: Gaining a promotion within my first year at MERJE.

Sam: I would say the recognition for how far I’ve come. From someone with zero recruitment experience, I feel like I know my sector and market really well now and it doesn’t go unnoticed from management.

What’s your funniest MERJE memory?

Sam: Most days are hilarious with the boys on our desk, but clubbing (if you could call it that) with Paul Sherlock in Barcelona has got to be up there. Great memories.

Suzanne: The funniest times are when the guys get going with the jokes, they make us Support girls laugh.

How would you describe the MERJE culture?

Sam: I would say the three Fs! Fun, flexible and fast-moving.

Suzanne: Rewarding, exciting, friendly.

Who would be your dream celebrity dinner date?

Connor: It would definitely have to be Margot Robbie, huge fan!

Tom: Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters. Not only does he create unbelievable music and would have some stories to tell, but he’d definitely be a great guy to have a fair few drinks with.

Suzanne: George Clooney!

What's on repeat on your Spotify right now?

Tom: Since they announced their next tour, I’ve had Biffy Clyro on constantly.

Sam: Has to be the new Drake album.

What would you choose for your last supper before being cast off to a desert island?

Connor: This would have to be a three course meal! Starter being garlic mushrooms, the main being a fillet steak cooked medium to well-done, smothered in peppercorn sauce along with a side of chips and a honey mustard dressed salad. For the dessert, I’d have to go for the good old sticky toffee pudding and custard to set me on my travels.

Tom: It would have to be a huge amount of spaghetti in a tomato and roasted red pepper sauce, mountains of grated cheese and a metre-long garlic baguette. Salivating at the thought.

Suzanne: Salted sea bass is delicious.

Thank you to these folks for sparing time out of their busy days to chat with us! If you'd like to discuss your career options or hiring needs with any of the MERJE team, just get in touch.