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Why visit #TeamMERJE at Stand 948?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago
  • Author:by Alex Kelly

The Customer Contact Team at MERJE can’t wait to exhibit at the Call & Customer Contact Expo 2019. It’s a great opportunity for us to network with individuals that shape the industry we work in and strive to amaze their customers every day.

So now it’s our turn to amaze you at Stand 948!

Some people see that a recruiter is exhibiting at an event and try to swerve that stand expecting to hear the age old question:

“Have you got any jobs. . .? “

But that’s not how we work here at MERJE. We are experts in our field and have built our business on our industry knowledge and long standing relationships and not from aggressively asking people for jobs when we first meet them. So, here’s some of the reasons why you should visit the team on the 27th & 28th March:

Find out how to secure the right talent for your business
We’re in a highly competitive Candidate driven market and it’s important to separate yourself from your competition when running any recruitment campaign. The team can give you some top tips on how to ensure you hire the top talent you need in your business. 

Discuss your front-line recruitment Open Days
Our very own Sally Cordwell recently presented to CCMA members about scrapping dated and scary ‘Assessment Centres’ and running a more modern and efficient ‘Open Day’. Our Front-Line Talent team will be at the event both days and would be able to talk through how this can have a positive impact on your agent level recruitment. 

Understand the pitfalls in your current recruitment processes
Did you know there are over 30 Steps to a recruitment process? Alex Kelly has been researching why interview processes fall down and common mistakes that organisations make when recruiting. We’re not giving away too many secrets but there are some simple changes you can make!

Get career advice
Is your CV a little tired and outdated? Do you want to discuss what options are available in the market? Are you considering what the next step in your career could be? All of the team are happy to discuss current market trends and give an honest view on your current situation.

Explore market trends across the sectors
As specialist recruiters, our consultants keep up to speed on recruitment and industry trends that are effecting organisations. It is no surprise that there is a lot of investment into AI at the moment – however what impact is this having on Customer Service areas?

Discuss how to optimise a volume recruitment campaign
Have you ever had the need to recruit a high volume of talent in a short space of time? It’s no easy task but something the Front-Line Talent team have a lot of experience in doing! If you want to talk about how you can make this process less daunting then come and grab one of the team.

Find out more about why MERJE should be your recruitment partner
I did promise that we wouldn’t ask you “Have you got any jobs”. Instead, come and find out more about the experience we have in the market, our proven track record of successfully delivering results for our clients and get to know us a little better. You can then make your own decision on if you’d like to work with a market leading recruitment consultancy next time you need to hire a new individual into the business.

We can support your business
Our Customer Contact team that will be at the Call & Customer Contact Expo also cover roles within Operational Management, Transformation, Resource Planning, MI/Analytics and entry-level agent recruitment. Our other Disciplines also include specialist consultants that recruit within:

So whatever you’d like to have a chat about, come and see us at Stand 948.

Register for tickets for free

You can register for tickets to the Call & Contact Centre Expo for FREE here. Once registered you will also receive your Show Guide which will give you details on this year’s line-up of 150 speakers, 350 exhibitors and full show highlights.

Grab your ticket now, and we look forward to seeing you at Stand 948!