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More advice for jobseekers from Team MERJE

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 5 years ago
  • Author:by MERJE

We asked some of Team MERJE to give their advice for Candidates looking for jobs within their Disciplines. Below you will find advice for jobseekers in Financial Crime & Fraud, Part-qualified Accountancy and Procurement.

For more tips, read our previous 'Advice for Jobseekers from Team MERJE' article that covers Credit Risk & Analytics, Customer Contact and Compliance.

If you are a looking for a role and want to discuss your options, get in touch and we'll get back to you to find out more about your career.

Andy Hodson, Managing Consultant, Financial Crime & Fraud
"I would always recommend being patient with your job search. You have a very niche skillset which is in demand but you need to be patient in finding the right role as they aren’t going to come up every day. Mid-to-senior level roles are available, but more often than not it takes people moving on for new positions to come up. Think about your career progression rather than taking the first role that comes up. If you are open to contract roles within Financial Crime it is certainly something to consider and can be quite lucrative."

Tany Yunos, Senior Consultant, Finance & Audit (Part-qualified Accountancy)
"At the part-qualified Accountancy level, it’s more about drive and ambition. The main advice I would give is to be true to yourself, and if you are after progression, don’t be afraid to pursue that progression and study support when searching for a role."

Stephen Fletcher, Managing Consultant, Procurement

"Expect the unexpected! No two Procurement teams are the same and the expectations and openness of stakeholders in different organisations varies greatly. Ensure that you explore the business and its intentions, and how much they value Procurement as well as how much the stakeholders will be open to having you in their business.

"There’s plenty of questions that you can take to an interview to get a good picture of this, but it’s also worth doing your due diligence on what Procurement has been like at that business, how successful it has been, and how well it has been integrated into the wider company."