Lauren Dono
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Lauren Dono

Consultant - Front-Line Talent


​I studied Business and Media Studies at A level; I have always had a drive to understand how the business world ticks and ultimately see how media would help with that (look at us now!).

My first roles were within retail at a young age, but I feel my working life really started doing door-to-door sales with SKY TalkTalk. It brought my two passions together: sales and being able to chat to different people every day! I led a team within this role and loved every minute of it as every day was different, particularly the weather. 🌦️ I can confirm I do not miss the rain...

In between having my children, I decided recruitment was for me. So, for the last few years I've worked in 360 recruitment delivery for 100+ volume roles, front-line and mid-to-senior hires. I love recruitment; it’s the client and candidate satisfaction that I enjoy most. 🌟 The buzz from placing a candidate in that perfect role, you just don’t get that in many industries.

Also, raising two strong young girls, I want them to see me really forge a successful career and be someone they can look up to 💪

Now, I'm part of the Front-Line Talent team here at MERJE. I work closely with all kinds of organisations to discover the best hiring strategies for their long term goals, and then support them in attracting the most suitable contact centre, admin, sales, and office staff.


The moment I walked in I knew MERJE was for me. Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable. I feel like a part of the furniture already!

MERJE is unlike any business I have worked for, but in the best way. They support you whilst allowing you to create your own path in this mad recruitment world! No day in the office is the same but I can guarantee it will always be entertaining 😀

Loves & Loathes

💖I love a bottomless brunch (always prosecco) and going to gigs and festivals at least once a month... is that too much?

💔 I loathe back to front CVs and moths, they are terrifying up close (don’t google it!) 😫

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