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What makes a truly great manager?

​Being a manager is a big responsibility. To get the best out of employees, it requires a refined approach and a nuanced skill-set. It’s particularly important, in this period of post-pandemic comm...

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How to be a successful Head of Internal Audit: Our partners share their thoughts

​The role of Head of Internal Audit occupies a critical position in any organisation, helping it to achieve its objectives by evaluating the effectiveness of risk management and internal control ar...

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What makes a great Chief Actuary? Industry leaders share their insights

​The role of a Chief Actuary is to proactively contribute to developing and executing an organisation’s business strategy by delivering information, Actuarial advice and guidance. In addition, they...

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What makes a great Head of Credit Risk? Our partners share their thoughts

​The responsibilities of a Head of Credit Risk are both complex and constantly evolving. Professionals in this role must have the ability to forecast, analyse and problem solve in order to protect ...

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What makes a truly great CPO?

​The role of a Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) is to oversee an organisation’s strategic approach to improving and enhancing profitability.Procurement itself is a business function focused on suppl...

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What makes a great Compliance Officer?

​The core duties and responsibilities of a Compliance Officer (CO) are complex, while constantly evolving, meaning that theirs has become an integral role within financial services. In fact, the ro...

Edward Manson on what makes a good recruiter

MERJE Director and co-founder Edward Manson contributed to the latest issue of Recruitment International as part of a feature on what makes a good recruiter.Edward picked ‘Professionalism‘, ‘Attent...