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If Carlsberg did managers. . .

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 6 years ago
  • Author:by MERJE

Alex Kelly, Senior Consultant for Outsourcing, Gaming & Travel Customer Contact roles, takes another look at the learnings we can take from the World Cup in Russia, this time with a focus on the England team and coach Gareth Southgate...

In my view, sport is incredibly important to today’s society, and England’s World Cup run is the best example of why.

One single event has seemed to unite an entire nation, made people proud to be a part of this country and brought people together to cheer, laugh and hide behind their sofas. But what can we take from this and apply to our everyday lives?

Set a Clear Vision

Gareth Southgate has instilled a clear vision to the team, given them direction and understood the people he is working with. They are a unit of strength and all move forward together, celebrating each other’s success and recognising that everything they do is for a greater cause.

Things don’t have to be perfect

The England performances haven’t been flawless, they may not have had the flair of some of the other teams, the goals may have mainly come from set pieces and they may not have a player that scores the goal of the tournament. None of this matters. It doesn’t matter how you win or how you carry out a task if the outcome is what you need.

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