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Paul's 10 Year MERJE Anniversary!

​We’re recognising another MERJE long-timer, Paul Sherlock, who celebrates his 10-year anniversary in early July 2022.

Paul is our second team member to hit the fantastic milestone, following Andy’s decade celebration earlier in the year.

Paul has had a superb 10 years with the business, which you can read more about in our catch up here:

How are you going to celebrate your 10 year MERJE anniversary?

The anniversary is well-timed because it falls around Glastonbury festival, which I was really looking forward to as it was postponed from 2020. So, while I watched the likes of Calvin Harris, Blossoms, and Sasha, I took a moment to raise a glass to what has been an incredible 10 years at MERJE 🥂

How have you found your MERJE decade?

I have been with the business pretty much since the start and seen its headcount grow from around five of us to almost 50. We’ve created so many great memories along the way; it’s been nothing short of amazing and I’ve loved every minute

Who from MERJE would you have on your zombie apocalypse battle squad and why?

Tom Parker and Tom Cook for their fitness and survival skills, Mike Ayres to keep up morale with his jokes, Andy Hodson for his strength and perception, and finally Mandy Abelson, just in case we run out of weaponry she can talk them to death (sorry Mandy! 😋)

Funniest MERJE moment

There are honestly too many to recall. I cry laughing most days, normally courtesy of Mike Ayres. Off the top of my head… seeing Andrew Varty fall into a bath in Menagerie during our Christmas party or Jake Kelly’s exquisite TikTok dance video during one of our lockdown competitions.

Biggest lesson you’ve learned

Never dwell on things. Recruitment is a job that brings great highs and equally frustrating lows. Enjoy the highs and don’t think too much about the disappointments as the next call or email could change the course of your week.

Something you’re most proud of from your 10 years?

I’d have to say managing the Compliance team over the past decade and working closely with Richard Abelson, Mike Ayres and Paul Clayton to build a really successful and high performing team that has enjoyed year-on-year growth.

You’re entering a pub quiz, what’s your specialist subject and who else would you pick for the team?

I’d have to say my specialist subject would be music but in all honesty I’m not great at quizzes!

Team members would be:

  • Jonny Abelson as he seems to have a natural flair for most things and would no doubt answer a fair few 🧠

  • Beth to answer the music questions that I’d no doubt struggle with 🎵

  • Andrew Varty for general knowledge (cars, car leasing, UK motorway routes, IT, DIY, pensions and tax returns… the list is endless) 🚗

  • and of course Andy Hodson for sports

Oh, and Paul Clayton as team mascot or in case there’s a question on 90’s/00’s boy bands, Disney films or Les Miserables.

Favourite MERJE social from your 10 years

Barcelona, for sure. Highlights were the catamaran and the disco bus to Pacha (although I don’t totally remember being on the bus or in the club). Thankfully, the very capable Ed Manson escorted me home safely that night! Also of note was Andy’s Tour de Hodson (a whistle stop tour of the best bars and tapas in the city) and finally, how could anyone forget Ellie Sykes' tumble on Las Ramblas!

Earliest MERJE memory

Joining MERJE in July 2012, only two months before my wedding, and hoping it was a wise decision. Each day I sat in a tiny office with Jonathan, Richard and Andy doing our daily video calls to Ed who was setting up MERJE’s London office.

Back then our systems and infrastructure were… simplistic, let’s say! So doing a search for a job consisted of sitting on the floor, sifting through CVs that we had filed geographically. Pretty basic I know, but it worked at the time and certainly got us up and running and generating offers!

Who do you think will top the MERJE leaderboard this year?

True to form, Richard, but I think Paul Clayton will give him a run for his money. He has become our stand out performer in recent years - I put it down to him having a good manager 😉

Be honest, who’s your favourite MD?

Ha ha, my wingman Richard Abelson…

Massive congratulations Paul, we're proud to have you in the team!

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