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Andy's 10-year MERJE Anniversary!

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 years ago
  • Author:by Andy Hodson

​Andy Hodson has clocked up a decade with the MERJE team - what a milestone!

Andy joined in the early days of the business, when MERJE was just a handful of people, and has been instrumental in our growth and success throughout that time.

Here's a little anniversary catch up with the man himself:

How are you going to celebrate your 10-year milestone?

Smashing KPIs, cold calling and doing press-ups 💪

What are you most proud of from your MERJE journey?

Being with the company for 10 years and watching it grow from 3 owners and one HR person to the successful business it is today.

Is there anyone in the team who would beat you in an arm wrestle?

I doubt there is anyone I wouldn’t beat. Jake Kelly is the only serious challenger 👑

Funniest MERJE moment

I was rocking back and forth on my chair and chatting away to Paul Clayton one Friday afternoon, when the inevitable happened and I completely toppled over. I was fine, got up and carried on telling my story. It just so happened that Jonny was on a call to the CEO of a client and had to hang up due to the hilarity of the situation!

Biggest lesson you’ve learned

To be resilient and don’t worry about things you can’t control.

Favourite MERJE social from your 10 years

Barcelona, of course! UK-based would have to be our Chester races trip.

Who, from MERJE, would you have on your zombie apocalypse battle squad and why?

Richard to charm them into submission, Conor to scare them off with his incessant questions, Jo Donlon to give them the death stare and Neil Johns for negotiation 👊

Who do you think will top the MERJE leaderboard this year?

My best mate, Paul Clayton.

Be honest, who’s your favourite MD?

Jonny 😉

Huge congratulations Andy, we're very glad to have you in the team!

Why not chat to Andy about your Financial Crime & Fraud hiring or job searching needs? Contact him on