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Stephen Fletcher takes to the Yorkshire Dales to raise money for charity

​Back in May, the MERJE team took part in an inhouse #WalkThisMay competition in the name of National Walking Month, with the aim of promoting and encouraging wellbeingand getting out in nature. Stephen Fletcher, Managing Consultant in Procurement, brought his best hiking shoes and far surpassed the rest of the team, walking an astonishing 676,000 steps and taking the highly sought after crown.

His tremendous efforts were part of his ongoing training for a charity event that is coming up in July, where Stephen will have just two days to complete a tough 100km hike in the Yorkshire Dales.

At roughly 130k steps, this will be Stephen's biggest challenge yet, but it's all in the name of Running Well, a small but mighty charity that provides communities in Uganda with access to clean water.

Rather than taking the #WalkThisMay prize for himself, Stephen elected to donate the value to support the Running Well cause. As well as the Yorkshire Challenge, which Stephen will be tackling on the 18th and 19th July, the charity runs a number of eventsto raise funds for their work.

If you would like to track Stephen's progress or support his efforts, visit his JustGiving page.