Want to know what it’s like working at MERJE? See what some of the team said about us in their Meet MERJE interviews...

“This is the one company where I honestly look forward to coming to work because I enjoy spending time with the people who work here. Not to sound too cheesy, but it is much better when the day goes quickly because you are enjoying it rather than having a job where you’re sitting there clock watching.”
Eleanore Sykes, Managing Consultant

 “I was drawn to MERJE from my last recruitment role because of their reputation in the market – certainly within the field I recruit in. They are a good bunch of people that are honest and professional and know what they are talking about.” 
James Flood, Senior Consultant

“Of the recruitment companies I have worked for, it is easily my favourite – and I’m not just saying that because I work here! We are a modern recruitment organisation that isn’t all about giving consultants a load of KPIs like how many calls to make and how many CVs they need to send.” 
Darragh Lee, Senior Consultant

“I chose MERJE because it was the perfect choice for me. It’s not overly corporate and it’s like a big family. Everyone gets on really well and treats each other with respect. It’s a really nice working environment.” 
Anna Desouza, Office Manager

“It is a very grown up atmosphere and their approach to recruitment is a focus on the long-term relationships which is the key to success in recruitment. This gives us an excellent understanding of our markets with long-standing Client relationships which has proven to be very successful.” 
Andy Hodson, Principal Consultant

“They have built everything through strong partnerships – it’s not about making a quick buck, it’s about the long term view and making sure they are a true partner with the organisations they work with. I’ve been working very hard to build up a strong Procurement recruitment offering, and MERJE provides me with the platform and support that makes it fun.”
Stephen Fletcher, Managing Consultant

“MERJE has a very supportive and mature approach to recruitment and the way the Consultants work. We all get on really well and I can talk to anyone across the business about anything, whether it’s Finance & Audit-specific or general recruitment. It’s a very professional environment that makes us want to do well.”
Kate Watt, Senior Consultant

“You can see that personal approach in each and every Consultant. It’s not a recruitment machine that churns out CVs, we work every job with a view to being consultative and filling that job with the best possible Candidate. There are loads of other benefits working at MERJE – the people are great and it’s a lovely organisation to work for.”
Tany Yunos, Senior Consultant

“If I compare MERJE to our competitors or other similar recruitment businesses, the difference is that our Clients and Candidates get to deal with Consultants that treat people as they expect to be treated themselves. It is not in our values to place people into jobs for quick fixes and quick fees.”
​Neil Johns, Director

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