Head of Compliance, Global Asset Manager

“We recently had a requirement for a Senior Compliance Manager. Although five agencies were briefed on the role, only MERJE identified candidates who met our needs. All three final shortlisted candidates were introduced to us by MERJE. I have dealt with MERJE for a number of years as they offer a unique insight into the compliance market and they only ever submit candidates who meet our brief.”

Process Improvement Manager, Credit Card Provider

 “What makes the difference between MERJE and many other agencies I have dealt with is the simple principle that they take the candidates seriously and are absolutely open and honest with them. The consistent factor I would like to highlight here is that they never disappear; candidates are supported before and after interviews and receive honest and constructive feedback from agents who are always professional and available. Well done MERJE!”

Deputy MLRO, Commercial Bank

​"I was contacted by Edward at MERJE and it was a very quick and clean process from start to finish. He has a very good understanding of who is right for a role and will not put someone forward if he doesn’t think they are capable or qualified. Regular contact and updates were very good and you get the sense that they care about their clients and their candidates equally. All in all, an excellent experience and I will certainly use them to recruit in my new role as my team grows."

Auditor, Financial Services

"I now choose to work with MERJE exclusively because they take the time to know who I am, my values, goals, aspirations and where I can add value. They clearly take the time to do the same for their clients because I have never been matched to an unsuitable role; this has given me every chance of success when attending an interview.”

Head of Strategy and Planning, Insurance Broker

“I have worked with Neil Johns & MERJE for a number of years. They are a market-leading agency with a strong network across multiple industries. They have a track record of filling a range of customer contact roles and I would not hesitate in recommending them.”

Senior Risk Manager, Credit Management Business

“MERJE provided excellent guidance and support through a challenging process between my existing employer and my new employer. All was resolved and I successfully started my new role."

Melissa, Front-Line Talent

MERJE has made me feel at home from day one. The management team are incredibly supportive and always on hand to offer guidance whenever needed. Their trusted approach to work is a breath of fresh air and allows you to grow and develop at your own pace. I have never felt more myself than I do now!

Ellie, Credit Risk & Analytics
Ellie, Credit Risk & Analytics

This is the one company where I honestly look forward to coming to work because I enjoy spending time with the people who work here. Not to sound too cheesy, but it is much better when the day goes quickly because you are enjoying it rather than having a job where you’re sitting there clock watching.

Neil, Customer Contact

​The difference between MERJE and other recruitment businesses is that we treat our clients and candidates as we expect to be treated ourselves. We're professional, but we're real people too and we want to strike up long-standing partnerships. It is not in our values to place individuals into jobs for quick fixes and quick fees.