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5 Years in 4 Questions with Pritesh

Pritesh celebrates his five-year MERJE anniversary in October. His time with the business has seen him curate a vast network of financial crime professionals, build a reliable reputation in the fin crime industry, host well-received networking events for MLROs and Heads of Financial Crime, and much more!

Here is a quick catch up with the man himself...

​Highlights from your 5 years at MERJE

✈ Our trip to Barcelona. We hit our annual target together. Every employee in the business contributed in some way or another to that target, so no one was left behind - it says a lot about our firm's culture.

🚄 Travelling on a train for the first time to Manchester from London (I’m serious).

Ambitions for your career / the Financial Crime desk over the next 12 months

🌍 The plan is to grow our London presence. Currently, we focus predominantly on FS or professional services, but financial crime affects many other industries in some way or another, so we will be looking at expanding into other markets. Also, we are seeing demand outside the UK, so we will leverage our UK relationships to spread further afield.

One tip for candidates looking for a new role right now?

There are a lot of roles out there, some with 600+ applications, which is something not very common in this market. The competition is not like it was 5 years ago!

💡 My tip: when you get an interview, prepare properly. Use your recruiter or your talent partner to get as much information as possible to maximise your time and align your preparation accordingly.

One tip for clients who are hiring right now?

Make sure you partner with a good financial crime recruiter (I can certainly recommend one if needed 😉) or brief your internal talent partner in detail so they know exactly what you're looking for. Otherwise, you face wasting a lot of time reviewing irrelevant CVs and interviewing mediocre candidates.

Looking for your next financial crime job or hiring for your financial crime team? Get in touch today!