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Find your perfect match this Valentine's Day

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author:by MERJE

​🏹 It’s February and love is in the air which is why we’re playing Cupid, all so that you can find your perfect workplace pairing… 🏹

If you’re currently in a job which is going nowhere and it’s taking its toll on your wellbeing - in much the same vein that a bad relationship might - now’s the time to expand your horizons and land your ideal role.

Life is, after all, too short to settle for average, which is why you deserve to find a job that you’re head over heels for and an employer who you’ve got lots in common with.

So, as the Valentine’s Day celebrations commence, we’re taking on the role of matchmaker and providing our top tips for finding your true job match…

💗 Find a job that’s in harmony with your own values

Every organisation is different, from the products and services they offer to the way they run their daily day-to-day operations. This means that each company will have a varied approach to its culture, mission and core set of values, which you need to be mindful of.

The right job in the wrong organisation may result in undue stress and reduced morale, which can ultimately affect your emotional wellbeing. Instead, make it your goal to connect with a business that shares your ethos, drive and ambitions.

💗 When flexible working floats your boat

It’s important to think about what you really want out of a role and one key factor is the ability to strike a great work-life balance, something which has increasingly risen to the fore in recent years.

If you know you're able to get the job done but want to work from home so you can juggle childcare and other personal responsibilities, all without the commute, then find a job which offers flexible working.

Other options to help strike a compromise might include hybrid working, reduced hours, work from anywhere schemes, or the option of a four-day work week. Whatever you choose, make you and your family’s needs the priority.

💗 If long term career development tugs at your heartstrings

There’s little point getting into bed with a job that doesn’t offer any pathways to learn and grow. Look for a role in which personal development is placed at the forefront, alongside regular appraisals, training schemes and the scope to attain new skills and qualifications. All of this will help to ensure that you can, in time, progress on to more senior roles that offer a host of new and exciting opportunities.

💗 What if workplace benefits are the way to impress you

Consider what it is you need to be truly satisfied in your job. Yes, money and titles are important aspects, but be honest and ask yourself what else you need to to be a happy, driven and loyal employee.

Workplace benefits have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and are a far cry from the standard healthcare packages and gym memberships. The likes of TV and meal box subscriptions and development funds can boost your mood and morale, while helping with mounting bills amid the cost-of-living crisis.

💗 No harm in a social media snoop

Much like you scope out someone’s Instagram profile before going on a blind date, so do you also need to know what you’re dealing with before applying for a new role. This is why research is key, so look at LinkedIn to see how long other employers have been with the business you like the look of and whether they’ve received promotions or achieved any qualifications along the way.

Consider connecting with them so you can ask any further questions you might have, such as what the company culture is like.

Your next move is to checkout reviews on job review sites such as Glassdoor to get a feel for what the company can offer and why it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

💗 Don’t ignore those butterflies

If a job description on an ad sounds interesting, career advancing, and fills you with excitement then now is the time to take action. Check whether you have the qualifications and necessary skills and then go for it, it’s that easy. Don’t allow yourself to get bogged down with any doubts or assumptions that you're not good enough. Simply trust your instincts, carry on with conviction and you’ll be sure to shine at the all-important interview stage.

💗 Avoid any awkward silences

Whether it’s in a formal interview or an informal conversation with an organisation you are interested in joining, ask questions to better understand what it would be like to work with them. It will demonstrate that you’re truly interested in the role and are taking the opportunity seriously, all while banshing any stilted conversations or awkward pauses.

💗 Experience the thrill of the chase

Don’t just sit around and wait for your ideal role to pop up on an ad or job board. Leverage your personal and professional networks by making yourself visible to the companies and industries that interest you.

This means that you’ll be the person they think of first when the next vacancy comes up. If they think that you’re the right fit for the organisation, they might even create a job just for you’ll simply never know if you don't put yourself out there.

At MERJE, we cover permanent and interim roles throughout the UK, specialising in mid-senior and C-Suite level appointments across a host of industries, meaning one of our vacancies could turn out to be the way to your heart. Please get in touch with our team, who’ll be delighted to hook you up.