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​Random Acts of Kindness your Colleagues will really appreciate

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author:by MERJE

February 17 each year is devoted to Random Acts of Kindness Day, 24 hours of contagious thoughtfulness that brings an extra drop of light into a person’s day, in turn encouraging them to pass on the favour.

Luckily, celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day isn’t just for friends and family, you can share the positivity in the workplace too.

A quick compliment, a helping hand or a heartfelt thank you are all things that could go a long way in improving someone’s day. You never know how much a small gesture could help someone feel less isolated, reduce anxiety, alleviate stress or just make their 9-5 a little easier.

At this point though, we’re all well-versed in the usual rules for contributing to a happy office environment. The good news is we’re here to share some of the tips you might not think of, but we guarantee your co-workers will welcome if you put them into practise.

Don’t offer to make tea or coffee for your colleagues

You’ll probably do it wrong, make it too weak or too strong, too milky or not enough sugar. And then your co-workers will either have to make another one themselves or force down the one you made in an effort to show appreciation. No thanks!

Speaking of tea, pick up some milk on your way into the office

A quick message to the work WhatsApp group to check on the milk situation will save a lot of frustration later in the day when the afternoon lull starts to set in.

Ask before altering the heating or air conditioning

A sore point in workplaces across the land, it seems that whenever one person is just right, someone else is too hot or too cold. But fiddling with the controls may result in icy glares or fiery tempers coming your way, so proceed with caution.

Bringing leftovers for lunch? Sharing is caring

If you’re a particularly skilled chef, don’t keep it to yourself! Share a portion of your homemade soup or family recipe risotto with your co-workers for an extra dose of appreciation.

Pause for thought

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t say that helps. Take a few seconds in meetings or conversations to let others speak up. Introverts, especially, may need just an extra moment to gather their thoughts and will be grateful for the pause.

There you have it

Whatever your plan of action for Random Acts of Kindness Day, every gesture, big or small, will have an impact on someone, even if you don’t see the results immediately. So catch yourself throughout the day and do something with a little extra kindness in mind.

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