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Is now the right time to change jobs?

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author:by MERJE

The job market has changed significantly over the past few months. The number of open vacancies has exploded as organisations recover from the challenges of 2020 and look to the future once more.

The large numbers of job openings makes now a great time to be a candidate on the market, however we’re seeing quite the opposite in reality. Individuals are wary about making career changes, especially at what they view as still uncertain times.

Combining this with the huge increase in flexible working options now on offer, especially from businesses that previously rejected working from home altogether, means that UK workers are more comfortable and settled in their current roles than ever.

This means that we’re currently experiencing a candidate-driven market in many industries, one where companies are struggling to fill their open roles due to a lack of available candidates and a skills shortage.

A recent survey by recruiting body REC confirmed that British employers are facing the most severe shortage of candidates on record due to the post-lockdown economy surge and Brexit. REC went on to say that a reluctance by employees to switch roles due to the pandemic, fewer European Union workers and skill shortages were contributing to the staffing squeeze.

However, these circumstances can produce the perfect time for candidates to look for a new role. It is a rare opportunity to canvas the job market with little competition and more eagerness from employers. Here’s why you should harness this key chance to further your career…

More vacancies

Many markets are experiencing a boom as the UK population grabs the chance to return to normality. Businesses are having to respond to this, as well as preparing for their future strategies, by making sure that they are fully staffed, meaning that there is a huge number opportunities out there right now that are ready for the taking.

More variety

Many of the job openings available today are ones that may not come up in ordinary times. Some positions would be easily filled internally, or the interview process would be so quick that most people would barely have a chance to apply. Now, with fewer suitable candidates to consider, those rare and usually under the radar vacancies are out in the open.

Less competition

Not many individuals are looking for roles at the moment. This means that when you find an opportunity you’re really interested in, you will be up against fewer candidates through the interview process and are more likely to be successful.

Higher pay

Having skills that are in high demand but short supply puts you in a great position. Employers are pushing up salaries for permanent staff at an unprecedented pace right now, so if you can prove yourself during the interview stages as a worthy candidate, you could be in a position to capitalise on the shortage and command a higher salary.

Better negotiations

Hiring businesses don’t have as many candidates to fall back on if you reject their offer of employment. If there is something in particular that will make the offer appeal to you more, such as flexible working options or healthcare cover, now could be the time to ask about it. It’s unlikely in the current market that a company will want to start the recruitment process all over again for the sake of a couple of days working from home.

Remote options

With the big shift to remote working as a result of the pandemic, flexible working policies have quickly evolved to become the norm. The increase in flexible working means that companies are more receptive than ever before to offering remote working options, and thus candidates have more geographical areas to consider when applying for roles.

Ultimately, there are many positive reasons to look for a new role in the current climate. If you would like to discuss your career options, get in touch with our expert team, or see our open vacancies here.