Telecoms Customer Service Manager

Location:              Homebased – North West (Within 1-hour travel of Manchester)

Salary:                 £25k

Experience:        Minimum two years in Telecoms              

Job Description:

The Service Manager will need to work independently given that this is primarily a home worker role.

The person will need to be self-motivating, organised and welcome a challenge. Its’ an exciting, dynamic job, where no two days are the same. For someone ready for a new challenge and wants a job that will provide them with a long term career, then this is the perfect job for them.

The role requires the person to be able to run with multiple projects from beginning to end. They must understand where the project is at any particular time and be able to ensure that any issues are dealt with, within a timely manner.

It is imperative that the person has excellent communication skills both over the phone and on email and understands the importance that they are representing the company in everything they do.

Quite often customers will contact our client for general enquiries and the service manager will be responsible for taking these enquiries and finding answers by using their knowledge and the help of our supplier base.

This job requires the team member to be able to work independently from home and willing to be the first point of contact. The role requires the person to be self-motivated and have the experience and knowhow to make decisions. The person must be well organised and competent with technology.

The role requires the successful candidate to attend regular meetings in Manchester

The Service Manager role is a primary function, responsible for being the initial answering point within the business and carrying out the role of first line support. The Service Manager will deal with provisioning, fault reporting and in life support of all products and services within the range of products offered by the client

Products may include the following so an understanding of Telecoms is essential for this role.

Analogue Lines, ADSL. FTTC, Data Circuits, VOIP/Hosted Projects and additional works

All necessary training will be provided at the clients offices in Manchester.

The Role:

Having a full understanding of the product, being able to project manage from the point the order has been taken, to the product being delivered to the customer. This includes raising port orders, raising hardware and understanding the customers’ requirements so that the solution is built correctly in readiness for delivery.

1.Primary products include:

  • BT WLR – becoming less important but new orders still need to be raised via WLR
  • TTB LLU – small amount of business is done via TTB but our client still has a significant estate which needs to be serviced.
  • Broadband – primarily FTTC but also ADSL and newer products such as FTTP & GFast.
  • Private Circuits – raising orders for ethernet circuits with our various carriers and project managing from orders being raised to the product being installed and handed over to the customer.

2. Fault Resolution

  • BT WLR – provide initial diagnostic analysis and then raise fault with supplier and manage the fault through to repair.
  • TTB LLU – as above.
  • Broadband – initial diagnostic tests and then manage through with supplier and customer Private Circuits – initial diagnostic questions and then pass over to the relevant supplier to test further. Acting as the interface between supplier and customer.