Resource Planning Analyst

This resource planning analyst role has been created to provide a highly specialised service that brings together information regarding customer demand and resource supply. It is an advisory role that ensures optimum use of time/cost/resource to maximise collections performance whilst identifying potential opportunities for improvement.

The main duties and responsibilities of the role are:

  • Collate information from a wide range of sources e.g. operational/specialist teams, and economic and regulatory indicators, together with known historical patterns of customer demand
  • Interprets specialised internal and external data to create customer demand forecasts using dedicated tools
  • Create effective resource and demand plans that take into account all internal and external data, that ensures we can operate effectively and maximise performance
  • Works across the function to ensure that plans align and adhered to
  • Proactively intervenes in the event of issues arising when plans are live and take steps to resolve and reforecast where appropriate
  • Monitors effectiveness of resource and demand plans whilst in operation and applies to future forecasting
  • Engages operation and specialist areas to promote understanding of and buy in to the planning

Essential Qualifications and Skills Desired:

  • Highly numerate/strong analytical skills
  • Knowledge of forecasting methodology & regression analysis
  • Good understanding of end to end resource planning methodologies including scheduling
  • Strong stakeholder management & engagement
  • Expert knowledge of Excel