Deposit Operations Analyst

The Deposit Operations team is responsible for boarding and maintaining deposit products, as well as controlling operational risk across the entire UK operational landscape. 

Reporting to the Senior Operations Officer, the Operations Analyst will focus on the full range of products and services to be offered by the bank. Staff will be expected to work closely with colleagues in overseas branches, in order to maintain consistent and exceptional standards of client service. 

Working in a small team, the Operations Analyst may well be specialized in one particular product/service but will be required to support other functions in the team learning each area in turn on a development program basis. Experience and general industry knowledge across these areas would be a strong benefit. They may represent our client at industry related events and local community events to promote brand awareness. 

The broad spectrum of responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to: 

• Recording new deposit based products on all relevant bank systems 
• Maintain client accounts and ensure that ongoing account instructions are implemented efficiently and accurately, and critically, in the best interests of the client and the bank. 
• Liaise with Client Advisory Services and Relationship Management Teams 
• Authorise work processed manually by staff within the Operations Department 
• Archive daily records 
• Answer customer queries and resolve any issues in order to limit client dissatisfaction and possible lost revenues. 
• Maintain existing and create new procedural documentation 
• Work with various audit teams during the numerous audits and testing periods in order to provide these groups with whatever files and transaction samples requested 

Hard-working, self-motivated and able to work independently in a small team-oriented environment. The ideal candidate should be able to identify and work to deadlines and be able to think beyond the initial set of facts or issues when using problem-solving skills to produce work that is “right first time, every time” to meet client and internal customer expectations. 

They should be able to prioritize work independently, by focusing on the needs of the client and the bank itself. The role is critical in the fulfilment of internal Service Level Agreements, and delivering the wider targets and objectives of the team, the department and ultimately the bank as a whole. 

He or she should bring a strong sense of ethics and have the ability to quickly develop a full understanding of new products and processes. They should demonstrate commercial awareness when responding to, or contributing to the development of product and process enhancements. A commitment to personal development is essential in order to support the department through the understanding of other roles and functions. 

They should be comfortable with communicating verbally and in writing with colleagues with a wide range of seniority and in different departments, as well as external vendors and occasionally clients 


• Work Experience: Previous experience in a banking operations environment, with specific expertise in respect of client account opening, closing and maintenance 
• Communications: The individual must have excellent communication abilities, including strong written & verbal skills. The individual must be an excellent listener, who works to understand the needs of others. 
• Interpersonal Style: The individual should have an entrepreneurial, collaborative approach and a flexible style that allows for the input of others. The individual must share the following core values of our client: 

• An emphasis on achieving the organisation’s goals, versus individual achievement; 
• An “enterprising” approach with creative problem solving; and 
• A focused and results driven mind set