Chloe Hesketh
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Chloe Hesketh

Consultant - ActuarialSpecialising in Actuarial

I have always been very ambitious and career-driven. I give everything my all, from achieving a first-class honours degree in Media & Marketing to working for Harrods Estates back when I lived in London. Looking after celebrities was a great experience, and London is a fantastic city! 🍸

I'm very much an all-or-nothing personality. If I try something then I have to give it 200%, or I won't try it at all. I don't do anything half-hearted and I believe that if you want something, you have to go and get it; nothing comes to you 💪


I've always enjoyed building relationships and caring for clients/customers, and have always received great feedback along the way. Starting out in my career, I thought I wanted to design magazines and be computer-savvy, but I soon realised that I enjoy speaking with people, and being sat at a computer all day not interacting with anyone just wasn't for me.

This is what has led me to build a career in recruitment. I come from Actuarial background and wanted to join a friendly company where people can be themselves and have personalities rather than being a robot, so MERJE was a no-brainer. Not to forget the cute office dogs - they stole my heart! 🐶

Loves & Loathes

❤ I love 5* dining/hotel & spa trips, Barry's Bootcamp (killer but highly recommend), boutique family-run businesses, personal development books, goal setting, travelling, my two little nieces, and I'm obsessed with flowers! I also love dogs but I haven't got time to own one right now, so waiting for when the time is right.

🚫 I loathe spiders, snakes, and when friends text me on multiple apps when they could just phone me, I suppose I'm quite old school in that respect.

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