Having started his working life in hospitality, a move into a people focused, relationship building profession made total sense. Working within Customer Contact gives Avi the chance to use all of his skills in a sector that is all about the people. It allows him to be a friend, therapist, problem solver and trusted source of info to his market.

When he’s not recruiting, Avi will be trying his hardest to pretend he’s a world class DJ or he’ll be at his family farm tending to the horses or renovating the land and properties. There’s no rest for the wicked!


Being part of the MERJE family has changed my life and opinion of the entire working environment. I have been afforded the opportunity to be totally flexible in my approach to the market and have absolute conviction that all my colleagues at all levels have each other’s backs! I feel completely valued by management and there is never a staff night out or company wide incentive too far away!

Avi loves sunshine, loud music and Better Call Saul.

Avi loathes noisy eaters, slow walkers and queues.

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