The problem

Motor Finance is under scrutiny like never before. The FCA is demonstrating regulatory power in the recent annual report and beginning to flex its muscles in pursuit of non-compliant finance providers. The review is giving a clear idea of where the market is going when it comes to regulating motor finance.

The FCA is not singling anyone out – they have made no secret of the fact they are looking heavily into the sector and want to see professional standards of regulation and compliance more akin to a bank or insurance company.

This prompted a market leading Motor Finance company to approach MERJE, a recruiter they had already enjoyed success with, to initially help bring in a team of external consultants to undertake a thorough overhaul of the way they do things. Doing so would also underpin the push to help them achieve a new gold standard and emerge in a more robust and compliant form that will benefit both customers and staff in the long term.

The solution

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