What advice do you have for jobseekers within the Financial Crime and Fraud markets?

Andy Hodson, Principal Consultant, Financial Crime & Fraud: "I would always recommend being patient with your job search. You have a very niche skillset which is in demand but you need to be patient in finding the right role as they aren’t going to come up every day. Mid-to-senior level roles are available, but more often than not it takes people moving on for new positions to come up.

Think about your career progression rather than taking the first role that comes up. If you are open to contract roles within Financial Crime it is certainly something to consider and can be quite lucrative."

What advice do you have for people applying for senior Customer Contact roles?

Darragh Lee, Senior Consultant, Customer Contact (Telecoms, Utilities & Retail): "I believe there is an increasing need to bring out your transformation experience. You need to show that the service your team provides for the customer is strong, but to stand out you also should highlight what strategies you have introduced and the technology you have embraced that has improved how your team operates and improved the customer experience.

"LinkedIn is a great place for job seekers, to search and apply but also for networking. If you are looking for a new role there is no harm in being active in your feed by liking and sharing updates and posting your own updates and the odd news article. In addition, if you are interested in being found via LinkedIn, I would always recommend having a fair bit of detail on your profile much like you have on your CV."

What advice do you have for job seekers in the Credit Risk and Analytics markets?

Eleanore Sykes, Managing Consultant, Credit Risk & Analytics: "Really think about where you want to take your career. Someone who has a couple of years’ experience in Credit Risk or Analytics will have multiple different routes they can take, but going down certain avenues can make it harder to come back the other way. So think very carefully about each move as you don’t necessarily need to go for the first thing that goes your way because you’ve got a skillset that is low in supply and high in demand. Also, think quite carefully about your technical knowledge and where you can get experience and exposure to different technical skills, for example SAS is something that the vast majority of my Clients would need but certain roles could involve you relying more heavily on SQL or Excel.

"Consider breadth and depth – so if the aim is to be a senior person within Credit Risk across all portfolios, or across the full Credit Risk lifecycle Or do you want to have a really narrow but  deep focus within an area and become a specialist, for instance just in collections or mortgages. Think about where you want to be and whether you need a breadth of knowledge and experience."

What advice would you give job seekers in Compliance?

James Flood, Senior Consultant, Compliance: "Keep an open mind about the role you apply for and what experience you can gain from going into a new role even if it’s not in your traditional area. Take on board further qualifications where you can, and stay updated with hot topics, such as SMR and GDPR, and also if you are in Payment Services you have PSD and PSD2 that have come out too.

"So it’s constantly evolving – the biggest thing for you to do is to make sure you evolve as changes come through to understand the new regulations. And get that experience on your CV to put you in a much stronger position when applying for new roles."

What advice do you give to Candidates when preparing their CVs?

Anna Desouza, Office Manager: "Keep it as simple as possible. Focus on quality over quantity, and maybe highlight what you want people to notice first, whether it is specific job experience or skills.

"Also, tailor your CV to the job you are applying for to help you get a better chance of being considered."

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