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MERJE Markets: We talk to Michael Jackson, who heads up our newly formed Broking & Claims division

​With more than 10 years worth of industry experience ,Michael Jacksonjoined MERJE in December, mere weeks before Lockdown 3.0, to establish our new Broking & Claims offering.In our latest MERJ...

Ned Article
Why you should consider taking on a NED role

​We’re increasingly recruiting and transitioning top professionals and senior business leaders into non-executive director's (NED) roles. Many of them feedback to us that it’s one of the best decis...

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2021 Workplace Trends: Our Predictions

​The tumultuous events of 2020, including the pandemic and Brexit, have rocked the foundations of many businesses, resulting in economic turmoil. Business leaders and senior managers found themselv...

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What makes a great Chief Actuary? Industry leaders share their insights

​The role of a Chief Actuary is to proactively contribute to developing and executing an organisation’s business strategy by delivering information, Actuarial advice and guidance. In addition, they...

Why you should take the plunge and accept a new job offer

​​​​​With all of the challenges that 2020 has thrown our way, it comes as little surprise that people are facing financial hardship while being worried about economic uncertainty and what the futur...

Video Call
How to keep calm and successfully tackle Lockdown Three

​​​​​As we take on a new year and a new lockdown, as well as the stress that comes with it, a number of our clients are showing strength and resilience during these strange and uncertain times.Recu...